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We have expert trainers in Microsoft SharePoint.

Basics, Task-Oriented and Advanced Learning.

Programs Plus is ready to teach your business team how to learn and use SharePoint.

Our training courses are designed to get you started quickly and comfortably, then with ease, move deeper into SharePoint with courseware designed to teach them core skills are common to almost all SharePoint development activities.


These include working with the server-side and client-side object models, developing and deploying features, solutions, and apps, managing identity and permissions, querying and updating list data, managing taxonomy, using workflow to manage business processes, and customizing the user interface.

You decide what your employees require and Programs Plus will supply the most up-to-date and business specific courseware available.


We will show students how to...

  • work, create and collaborate on content with/for each other in real time.

  • share content and collaborate with customers external to your business.

  • manage manage diverse content with rich metadata, workflow, and access controls.

  • create company and departmental portals to communicate with and engage other employees.

  • navigate your SharePoint intranet and team sites with the SharePoint App for Windows, iOS, and Android™.

  • use workflows to simplify and enforce business rules.

  • discover content and people across your intranet and team sites.

  • customize searches and results with enhanced features.

  • integrate external data into SharePoint and MS Office client-based business data solutions.


Programs Plus will deliver the best training to every student through expert led training. Our instructors are Microsoft experts who are passionate about teaching. We can accommodate any size business or organization with skill-specific courseware in accordance with your goals.


Our courses are designed to cover a wide range of student levels with materials related to  technology, business and creative skills.

Course training can be made available in-house, off-site or online.

Let us show you how... Microsoft SharePoint.

Let us show you how...

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