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We care about our students.

Training, Delivery and Facilitation!

Whether your training is designed to meet today’s in-demand technologies or for business soft skills being integrated in your office, the success of training falls on the quality and effectiveness of the trainer you choose. Securing highly qualified, engaging trainers, where and when you need them, is essential to getting optimal results from your training investment.

Programs Plus recognizes the importance of your team's need for continuing education through professional training, ultimately leading to a more productive workplace and your company's continued success.

Programs Plus will provide your staff with the top trainers in the industry. They are engaging, motivated and experienced teaching the skills your folks need to feel positive about their work and professional performance. Giving your employees the opportunity to learn leads to better overall morale and higher productivity in reaching goals.

Programs Plus practices effective training strategies for the programs you use. Our instructors use active learning principles who engage students in class using professional

course materials designed to increase their skill sets while respecting their individual levels of expertise and personal goals. Our instructors are proficient at helping students apply what they learn with hands-on activities which apply real office situations thus helping them to remember  through understanding
and practice of the skills being taught.

Programs Plus offers training in Microsoft, Salesforce, and Adobe Creative Cloud as well as communication tools including Delve, Sway, Yammer and Skype for business. 

Programs Plus doesn't  stop there. If your orginazation needs assistance in developing leaders, improving time management, building teams, or training trainers, we have the professionals to do the job.

"At Programs Plus, we care about our students. Our students' success is our success."

    -Barbara Smith, President 

Programs Plus wants to be your choice for business and office training.
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