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We have expert trainers in Microsoft OneDrive for Business

Let us show you how...


Basics, Task-Oriented and Advanced Learning.

Programs Plus is ready to teach your business team how to learn and use OneDrive.


We can show students how...

  • to create documents on your office computer and edit the same file on another device, anywhere, any time.

  • to co-author and share files with others and collaborate with colleagues on the same document at the same time.

  • to store files in one place, share them with others, and get to them from any device connected to the Internet.

  • to instantly view pictures with a mobile phone on their Windows PC, Mac, or tablet.

  • to create albums of pictures for business projects, online sources and social media.

  • to understand and utilize the time saving benefits


You decide what your employees require and Programs Plus will supply the most up-to-date and business specific courseware available.

Programs Plus will deliver the best training to every student through expert led training. Our instructors are Microsoft experts who are passionate about teaching. We can accommodate any size business or organization with skill-specific courseware in accordance with your goals.


Our courses are designed to cover a wide range of student levels with materials related to  technology, business and creative skills.

Course training can be made available in-house, off-site or online.

Let us show you how... Microsoft OneDrive.

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